Saturday, June 21, 2003

Cognitive Therapy and Exercise as Effective as Lumbar Fusion for Chronic Low Back Pain and Disc Degeneration

In cases of chronic low back pain with disc degeneration, a Norwegian study compared disability outcomes with cognitive therapy and fusion surgery. "Those who received cognitive therapy attended a lecture that taught patients that ordinary activity would not damage their discs, and that they could bend their backs (the Indahl talk). The main aim of the talk is to help patients avoid the fear of harming themselves through activity, to teach them not to be over-cautious and to correct negative feelings that would have psychological impact on their condition. Their instruction was completed by teaching them three daily exercise routines." As compared to the group that had fusion surgery: "No differences were seen in pain, use of analgesics, emotional distress or life satisfaction, and an equal number of patients returned to work from both groups."

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