Monday, July 19, 2004

Penalty Granted On Prescriptions Unpaid When Insurer Cancels Prescription Card

In T. Brenner v. WCAB (Drexel Industries) the Commonwealth Court reversed the Board and affirmed the WCJ's holding that the Employer/Insurer violated the Act when it unilaterally ended a prescription card program.  The Claimant was able to get medications through the prescription card program.  When the card was cancelled without prior notice to the Claimant, she went without medications for a period of time, then submitted prescription expenses she was able to pay, only to have them sent to utilization review.
The Commonwealth Court held the WCJ was correct to apply McLaughlin v. Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (St. Francis Country House), 808 A.2d 285 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2002), appeal denied, 573 Pa. 717, 828 A.2d 351 (2003) which held the Employer cannot plead failure to present bills properly when it acts to prevent the treatment at issue.  Where the Employer/Insurer gave no notice to the Claimant of the revocation of the prescription card, a penalty was appropriate under McLaughlin
Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Practice and Procedure Reference 13.37

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